Brendan_Judge_Sydney_2013Results in Judging at Sydney Royal on 
Thursday 21st March 2013.

The Judge was 
Dr Brendan Sharpe B.V.Sc (Hons - Sydney) 
of Uralla NSW

Brendan is pictured here with his selection of Large Champion Australorp  
A magnificent Black Pullet owned by George Norman

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013 Ė Australorp Judges Report

It was an honour and pleasure to be able to officiate as the Australorp judge at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show, and I thank the Australorp Club of Australia for nominating me for this role. Being a very early royal this year, many birds, particularly in the standard variety, and not unique to the Australorps, were not quite ready for exhibition.

Standard Trios

The winning trio, was a quality trio and quite well matched for breeding. All birds in this trio would have held their own in the single classes, and it was great to see this trio win the best Standard Heavy trio in show. The second trio was let down by immaturity of the birds on the day.

Standard Single Classes


-Cocks (2)

The winning cock bird was a quality Australorp, demonstrating balanced length and depth, however due to him not being completely out of the moult, tended to flatten out in backline. He ended up winning the best standard male comfortably, but could not go any further as he wasnít ready on the day.

-Hens (7)

The hens unfortunately were not of exhibition standard, and I certainly do not wish to be offensive in making this comment. I would urge the exhibitors to seek advice from some of the more experience Australorp breeders to make appropriate improvements.

-Cockerels (4)

This was the hardest class to judge in the standard section, as all benched cockerels were just not ready yet, far too young, and obvious side effect of an early show. The first and second placed birds were the most ready on the day.

-Pullets (20)

This class varied greatly in quality and readiness of the birds, however the four place getters I thought were great representatives of the breed. The winning pullet was very fresh and presented beautifully. She had a minor crease in her comb, but I do not penalise heavily for minor faults of the type. The second, third and fourth pullets were close, hard to split, but were not as fresh as the winner.


-Pullet (1)

This was the only blue benched, she was not quite in show condition but showed potential.

Bantam Trios

There were three trios benched in this class, and the first and second trio were very close in quality and presentation. The winning trio went on to win the champion trio of the show. The winning trio beat the second placed trio on individual bird type across the board.

Bantam Single Classes


-Cock (2)

Both birds benched in this class demonstrated quality but were not in show condition on the day.

-Hen (1)

Like the cocks benched, the hen was not ready on the day, but demonstrated quality.

-Cockerels (15)

This class was a pleasure to judge. There was some variability in quality, however the placed birds were outstanding specimens of the variety. The winner, was beautifully balanced and shown to perfection. I thought that he could have attained slightly greater depth, which is why he didnít beat the pullet for the champion award. The second and third cockerels were also outstanding birds. They lacked the peak condition of the winner which is why I made the placings the way I did.

-Pullets (15)

This class was of equal quality to the cockerels. The winner stood out in this class, and went on to win champion Australorp overall. She was in great condition and was a true miniature of the breed. She had great length and depth and outstanding feminine characteristics. The placed pullets lacked the condition and balance of the winner, but great specimens of the variety.


-Cock (1)

This fowl was not ready on the day, but it was obvious he was a quality fowl.

Thanks from Dr. Brendan Sharpe B.V.Sc (Hons-Sydney)

Trios (2)

1st: Hudson & Brown - Singleton NSW
2nd: Michael Anderson - Little Jilliby NSW

Large Cock (2)

1st: Hudson & Brown - Singleton NSW

2nd David Lean - Ebor NSW

 Large Hen (2)

1st and 2nd: Alice Schacher - Clovelly NSW

 Large Cockerel (4)

1st: Robert Scott - Wauchope NSW

2nd: Michael Anderson - Little Jiilby NSW

3rd: Hudson & Brown - Singleton NSW

 Large Pullet (20)

1st George Norman - Benalla Vic

2nd: Audrey Jeffrey - Kurrajong NSW

3rd: Hudson & Brown - Singleton NSW

4th : Hudson & Brown - Singleton NSW

5th: Ferris Family - Glenorie NSW

 Champion Large: 
George Normanís Black Pullet

 One only Blue was entered from Audrey Jeffrey which won her class and was deemed Champion Blue

Trios (2)

1st: Phillip & Linda Tidell - Wherrol Flat NSW
2nd: Phillip & Linda Tisdell - Wherrol Dlat - NSW
Note: The winning trio went on to win 
Champion Soft Feather Heavy Bantam Trio

Bantam Cock (1)

1st: Hutton Family - Wagga Wagga NSW

Bantam Cockerel (15)

1st: Phillip & Linda Tisdell - Wherrol Flat NSW

2nd: George Norman - Benalla Vic

3rd: George Norman - Benalla Vic

4th: Phillip & Linda Tisdell - Wherrol Flat NSW

Bantam Pullet (15)

1st: Phillip & Linda Tisdell - Wherrol Flat NSW

2nd: Phillip & Linda Tisdell - Wherrol Flat NSW

3rd: Phillip & Linda Tisdell - Wherrol Flat NSW

4th: Bob Forest - Aldaville NSW

 Champion Bantam: 
Phillip & Linda Tisdellís Black Pullet

Champion Australorp
Phillip & Linda Tisdell's Black Bantam Pullet

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