Big Bantam Victory

Robert Scott shows them how it's done!

For only the second time in the history of the club a bantam has been awarded the Supreme Australorp of Show at the Dubbo Showgrounds in NSW. The exciting little black cockerel was owned and bred by well regarded breeder Robert Scott (Wellington NSW).

Victorian judge, Mr Michael Holmes (Wangaratta Vic) had no hesitation in selecting Robert's cockerel as he was outstanding. His reserve bantam was another terrific example well shown by Wendy & Ross Summerell  (Tamborine Qld).

Champion Large was an exceptional black pullet from Peter Ubrihien (Bega NSW) while Reserve Large came from the same pullet class shown by Fred Brown (Hudson & Brown - Singleton NSW).

On the day 240 fowls were benched in the three recognised and standardised colours of Black, Blue and White.

Competitors travelled from three states of Australia with the longest distance traveller, David Morley (Pomona Qld), picking up Champion Blue and AOC awards with a beautifully even laced Large Blue pullet.

Judge Michael went along checking his birds quite confidently and had a daunting task with the biggest classes being 46 Large Black Cockerels, 34 of each Pullets in Large and Bantam and 26 Bantam cockerels. Surprisingly there were 10 assorted trios, made up from 7 Large and 4 Bantam groups and these 33 fowls helped to make up the large numbers for the show.

The eventual champion trio was awarded to Black Bantams belonging to Wendy & Ross Summerell. 

Junior exhibitors were well represented with Maddie Cooper winning Champion White Bantam and Rory Shepherd winning the Junior Encouragement Award. A further Novice Encouragement Award was granted to  Steve Glenday, who picked up several places at his first major show. These awards were in the form of a hand-made card from Wendy Summerell and booklets, “Judging Exhibition Poultry” written by poultry journalist, Ross Summerell. 

Overall the show could be classed as highly successful with two nights of laughter and fellowship at the Sporties Club where the “all-you-can-eat” buffet was well tested out and enjoyed.

President Peter D’Arcy was pleased with the entries, but it was generally accepted that if more NSW exhibitors had been in attendance perhaps that target figure of 300 benched fowls may have been a reality.

Supreme Australorp of Show: Robert Scott (Wellington NSW)  - Black Bantam Cockerel

Reserve Australorp of Show: Peter Ubrihien (Bega NSW)  -  Black Large Pullet

Champion Large: Peter Ubrihien (Bega NSW) - Black Large Pullet

Reserve Champion Large: Hudson & Brown - Black Large Pullet

Champion Bantam: Robert Scott (Wellington NSW) - Black Bantam Cockerel

Reserve Champion Bantam:  Wendy & Ross Summerell (Tamborine Qld) - Black Bantam Pullet

Champion Blue and AOC: David Morley (Pomona Qld) - Large Blue Pullet


Robert Scott's

Supreme Australorp of Show

Australorp Bantam Cockerel


Peter Ubrihien's

Champion Large Black Pullet


David Morley's

Champion Blue Pullet


Maddie Cooper's

Champion White Cock Bird

More pictures of the fowls will be added
when they arrive in our office.

Judge's Report:
Mr. Michael Holmes - Wangaratta, Vic.

It is always a privilege to judge an Australian Breed show and I thank the Australorp Club and their breeders and exhibitors for benching their 240 birds before me.

To be faced with 90 large and 80 bantam black across their eight classes was a sight to behold and the quality and depth was phenomenal. In the end some white tips, a black mark on a foot, or a couple of broken feathers separated first and tenth or twelfth in each of these classes.

In the large black cockerels there were a number of males that showed type but they also had a number of broken feathers. Their tails had a lot of wax still on the base of their tail feathers meaning that their flow of backline was not complete but will be in a month's time. The 46 pullets were as strong a class that I have judged. I had an initial walk through,  marking at least 20 pens on type and condition. I then had to reduce this number, so after handling the birds I still had ten with two marks on their cages. I eventually moved 3 to the specials pens and they were so alike that it was the very smallest of detail that ranked them in their order. Congratulations to the three exhibitors in Peter Ubrihien, Fred Brown and George Norman for presenting these three pullets to me. The first and second placed pullets taking out champion and reserve champion large, very closely followed by the third pullet and the winning cockerel.

I then judged the coloured birds and the large Blue pullet, owned by David Morley, stood out, winning the champion AOC.  She was well laced and very strong in type. A lovely white bantam cock winning champion coloured bantam and reserve in the "Other than black" classification.

I moved onto judging  the black bantams and again found a nice winning cock and hen, then coming onto 26 cockerels! Again a number of cages were marked and I came back, handled all birds and there were still ten in the hunt but eventually I found 5 that were exceptional. Congratulations to Rob Scott, Rory Shepherd, Matthew Bell and George Norman for presenting these birds and making it so hard to decide on the winning cockerel. To finish off there were 34 pullets and freshness  was the key,  as again so many had correct type with a broad backline. Ross Summerell came out in front here. My Champion bantam was the cockerel and was closely followed by the pullet, then second placed cockerel.

The seven top birds mentioned, four large and three bantam were in superior condition, were fantastic  examples of the breed and,  presented to perfection and all could have won champion bird of show. Eventually the bantam cockerel of Rob Scott's won Champion bird and was so closely followed by Peter Ubrihien's large pullet.

The breeding pairs and female exhibition pair finished off a hard and long day with two bantam pairs taking out champion and reserve champion trio due to their overall consistency of the three birds. I was then stewarded around 15 junior entrants who had competed against the seniors with a number of these birds taking home cards in a strong senior field. Rory Shepherd's black bantam cockerel won champion junior and the white cock of Maddie Cooper won reserve junior closely followed by Rory's winning bantam black cock bird. Congratulations to both these exhibitors as taking cards off the seniors is a great feat.

I again thank the club for this experience, Peter D'Arcy for his hospitality and Peter and Margaret Blake, who organised and ran a fantastic event.  


Junior Exhibitor,
Maddie Cooper
with 2014 Judge,
Mr. Michael Holmes
and Maddie's Champion.
The Full Results
Extra pictures will follow once they are sent to us.
Large Australorps

Black Cock (4 entries)

1st: Steve Glenday

2nd: Hudson & Brown

3rd: Kevin Collins

Black Hen (13 entries)

1st: Peter Ubrihien

2nd: Steve Glenday

3rd: Peter D’Arcy

4th: Dennis Lane

Black Cockerel (34 entries)

1st: George Norman

2nd: Ray Smith

3rd: Peter D’Arcy

4th: Ian Birchall

5th: Wendy & Ross Summerell

Highly Commended cards were also awarded to Steve Higgins, Pamela Ferris and Peter D’Arcy.

Black Pullet (46 entries)

1st: Peter Ubrihien

2nd: Hudson & Brown

3rd, 4th & 5th: George Norman

Highly Commended cards were also awarded to Ray Connor and Kevin Collins

Blue Cockerel (5 entries)

1st: Audrey Jeffreys

2nd: Audrey Jeffreys

3rd: David Morley

Blue Pullet (6 entries)

1st & 2nd: David Morley

3rd: Audrey Jeffreys

Bantam Australorps

Black Cock (5 entries)

1st: Rory Shepherd

2nd: Pamela Ferris

3rd: Matthew Bell

Black Hen (8 entries)

1st: Steve Glenday

2nd: Matthew Bell

3rd: Elizabeth Sohier

Black Cockerel (26 entries)

1st & 2nd: Robert Scott

3rd: Rory Shepherd

4th: Matthew Bell

5th: George Norman

Highly Commended cards were also awarded to Wendy & Ross Summerell, Peter Shands and Paul Cooper

Black Pullet (34 entries)

1st: Wendy & Ross Summerell

2nd: Robert Scott

3rd: Paul Cooper

4th & 5th: Wendy & Ross Summerell

Highly Commended cards were also awarded to Wendy & Ross Summerell, Robert Scott, Peter Shands, Rory Shepherd and Paul Cooper.

Blue Hen (2 entries)

1st & 2nd: Elizabeth Sohier

Blue Cockerel (4 entries)

1st: Paul Cooper

2nd: Kevin Collins

3rd: Maddie Cooper

Blue Pullet (4 entries)

1st (Ch Blue) & 2nd Kevin Collins

3rd Maddie Cooper

White Cock (2 entries)

1st (Ch White): Maddie Cooper

2nd: Paul Cooper

White Hen: (1 entry)

1st: Maddie Cooper

White Cockerel: (2 entries)

1st: Maddie Cooper

2nd: Paul Cooper

White Cockerel: (2 entries)

1st: Maddie Cooper

2nd: Paul Cooper

Large Black Breeding Trio: (7 entries)

1st: Peter Ubrihien

2nd: Hudson & Brown

3rd: Wendy & Ross Summerell

Bantam Black Breeding Trio: (4 entries)

1st, 2nd & 3rd: Wendy & Ross Summerell

Large Exhibition Pair Females:

1st & Ch: Hudson & Brown


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