By Judge: Peter Ubrihien

Bantam Breeding Trio

Dingo Valley Poultry Stud 1st & 2nd.  1st Trio well matched, good balance, tighter in feather & good feather quality.

Standard Australorp Cock.

1st _ Ian Birchall, 2nd Hudson & Brown & 3rd Robert Scott. Winner good head & texture. Good feather quality, easy winner.

Standard Australorp Hen.

1st_ Hudson & Brown. A good hen well balanced, good head & eye. A good stock fowl, easy winner.

Standard Australorp Cockerel.

Best Male. 1st - Robert Scott. 2nd - Hudson & Brown. 3rd - Mrs. A Jefferys.

1st - Good big bird, in good condition. Good feather quality & better balance than the other birds.

2nd Good bird, good head & feather but had leg problem.

3rd Another good bird, lacked finish of winners.

Standard Australorp Pullet.

A good class. Winner George Norman, a good pullet in wonderful condition. Great feather, good head points. Carried her width through, good tight thigh feather. Best Australorp Large.

2nd Dingo Valley stud, another great pullet, good head points & feather. Very well presented, not the shape of the winner.

3rd Mrs Audrey Jefferys, very good bird, great type & feather. Could be better in underline, well shown.

Some other pullets placed down the class were good, showing a lot of promise and we will see more of them as they mature.

Australorp Blue.

A good class of pullets. 1st Mrs. Michaela Wake. 2nd & 3rd Mrs A. Jefferys. 
Winner of better type & colour, in good condition.

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