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They support our club  -  Please support them  - All have great sites and play an integral part in the success of our club.

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Click onto the Vet Products Direct logo. They will save you a small fortune on all veterinary products, not just relating to poultry. It's well worth the visit, especially to save your hard earned dollars.


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 Some of our peer clubs around the world have websites. 

The Australorp Club of Great Britian now have an active website


Click on the Great Britain link below

The Australorp Club in The Netherlands, has a fabulous website.

It is written in Dutch, but the pictures are worth a peek to understand what the fowls are like in Europe. Just click on their Logo below.


We have also found the site for the Australorp Club in Denmark

This site is written in Danish, but it has some great pictures. Just click on their logo below


The Australorp Club in Germany also has a website

This is written in German, Again it's worth a look to broaden your horizons. Just click on the logo



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click on the logo above for:

ABK Publications produces the very best and most diversified avian magazine, Australian Birdkeeper, the world acclaimed colourful and informative A Guide to.... series books and the Handbook of Birds, Cages & Aviaries and supply a comprehensive range of avicultural titles, videos and t-shirts.

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Click on the Farmers Mailbox logo (below) and that will take you to their site


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The link below takes you to Bellsouth Pty Ltd site. 

They have been "an institution" of poultry supplies & equipment for many years.

They stock hundreds of items that we can all use.

Click on BELLSOUTH's little blue chook above to take you there. 

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This Queensland based company produces and sells a fantastic range of backyard chook pens.

The best thing is that yoiu can buy them as a "flatpack" which saves heaps on freight.

Click on their logo above, you'll love these!

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We use and recommend Australian Show Ribbons for our prize sashes.
They send ribbons, sashes and awards all over the world. All sporting clubs should check these guys out. They are excellent to deal with.
Click on their logo above

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The Winning Edge Poultry Seminars

Winning Edge Poultry Seminars Website

Exhibition Poultry Education at its best

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victordancingcolor2Click on
"Victor" the Dancing Plymouth Rock
to take you to
Barry Koffler's
which we judge as THE most comprehensive
poultry site on the internet.


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This is an excellent Australian Poultry Website with heaps of invaluable information run by Andy Vardy & his dedicated team.

Simply click on their logo above to take you there. 
or why not try their excellent forum run by Cathy and her team?
Backyard Poultry Forum

Andy's site is dedicated to promoting and preserving
Backyard Poultry keeping throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Andy helped us with a past version of our website, for which the club thanks him. A visit to his site is a great way to see many Aussie poultry links and some valuable information, great stories and other poultry club's sites.

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Chicks R Us

Chicks R Us Link

This is a great innovation by one of our club members, Debbie Campbell.

Just click on the pic below (or the link above) to take you to this great poultry idea.


Debbie is one of our top female club members and is totally devoted to poultry. Debbie also is the Principal of Barter & Sons which are long established Australorp breeders originating in 1933.

Here is their website: Barter & Sons Hatchery Link   


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We are members of the 
Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Inc.

They have a new website that was launched in November 2011

Feather Clubs Association of Queensland Link


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