Over the years many people have sought a supply of our wonderful Australorps to either breed, show or just keep as enjoyable backyard fowls.

Quality examples of our fowls, bred to the Australian Poultry Standards, are extremely difficult to source.

Our Secretary has now completed a comprehensive list of current financial members who have given their permission to publish their details and may possibly have stocks of Australorps for sale.
Obviously this is not all of our members, however this generous group will be able to help you where possible.

Whilst the Australorp Club of Australia Inc. cannot guarantee the excellence or determine the value of any of this stock, we have recommended to all members that they market only healthy and vigorous fowls.
The Australorp Club of Australia Inc. only recognises the three standardised colours, Black, Blue and White in Large (Standard) and Bantam sizes as acknowledged within the Australian Poultry Standards. 

To see the Standards please click below
 Australorp Poultry Standards

NSW Breeders

QLD Breeders

SA/WA/TAS Breeders

VIC Breeders

Not on this list?
If you are a financial member of the club, please contact the Secretary to arrange to have your information listed.

If you are not a financial member, wish to re-join or simply join, please 
Join Here

Notification for Buyers
The Australorp Club of Australia Inc. cannot guarantee the quality of the birds advertised or the hatchability of the fertile eggs that may be supplied by members.

Any complaints which may arise must be taken up directly with the breeder supplying the birds and / or eggs. Sales are considered as a private treaty sale between the vendor and the buyer.

At the time of posting the list all members were financial members of our club.




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