Standard Australorp Black

Cock         1st Henry Surtees
                 2nd Michael Quealy
Hen          1st Michael Quealy
                 2nd Henry Surtees
Cockerel 1st Michael Quealy
                2nd Peter West
                3rd Henry Surtees
Pullet      1st David Morley
               2nd Michael Quealy
               3rd Michael Quealy
Champion Large Australorp Female  David Morley
Champion Large Australorp Male   Michael Quealy
Champion Australorp Black David Morley

Bantam Australorp Black

Cock        1st Chloe Schulke
                 2nd Barry Balmer
Hen          1st Chloe Schulke
                 2nd Barry Balmer
Cockerel   1st Malcolm Stenzel
                  2nd Robert Forrest
                   3rd Kat Harper
Pulet           1st Robert Forrest
                    2nd Malcolm Stenzel
                     3rd Steve Wood
Champion Bantam Australorp Black  Malcolm Stenzel
Champion Bantam Australorp Malcolm Stenzel
Reserve Champion Australorp Robert Forrest

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