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Some Fascinating History

Recently we found a copy of the original minutes of the current club which was formed on 8th August 1998 at Brisbane Royal.

There were only eight people at that initial meeting with two recorded apologies. Present were Geoff Edards, Sandra Edards, Ossie Hart, Les Holton, Bob Jarvis, Adam Jannusch, Henry Surtees and Ken Yates. The apologies were from Denis Lindley and Ross Summerell

Where are they now?

Geoff Edards: Geoff still lives in Maryborough Qld and doesn't keep Australorps these days. Sadly his wife of over 40 years, Sandra Edards, passed away on 4th December 2014. Between them the Edards' had won many Brisbane Royals. They were renowned for their Pekins. 

Ossie Hart: Ossie was a grand old poultryman who passed away quietly at Riverview Retirement Village in 2009. He bred some of the best Australorps in Qld in the 1970's and 80's.

Les Holton: Les is the grandfather of Adam Jannusch and has had a long tradition with Australorps. A three-time past Australian Titles Champion he still helps his son, Phillip with his Australorp bantams. Grandson Adam is still heavily involved in exhibition poultry and these days is a fine all-round judge. 

Bob Jarvis: One of nature's true gentlemen, Bob passed away around 2008 at his home at Mundubbera. He was a master showman with exceptional fowls, particularly his Leghorns. 

Henry Surtees: Henry is one of the most respected Australorp breeders in Australia today. He never misses a Brisbane Royal show and often wins many classes. Henry benched the club's inaugural Supreme Champion in 1998 and judges all over Australia.  

Ken Yates: These days Ken is believed retired and out of poultry. He was last known to live at Bargara via Bundaberg Qld.

Denis Lindley: Via Rockhampton Qld, Denis was one of the pioneers of the White Australorp. His perseverance in re-producing the Large White varieties from stock he obtained in Western Qld is legendary. He is still active, still judges and exhibits quite often. 

Ross Summerell: Ross is one of the club's three Life Members and has some amazing knowledge on Australorps. He breeds both Large and Bantams. He was the first exhibitor to ever win our Supreme Champion with a Bantam in 2006. Ross is well sought after to judge all over Australia.  

Ray Connor's Book  

"The Australorp"

Ray Connor's fabulous book, "The Australorp" is now in limited supply, so before you miss out completely don't forget to place your order. 

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This is by far the best book that has ever been published on our breed.

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  Ray Connor appointed as Club Patron


Doyen Australorp breeder, Mr Ray Connor has been re-appointed the club's new Patron for 2013 and beyond.

Newly elected President, Peter D'Arcy of Carwoola NSW was pleased to announce the initial honour at the 2013 AGM at Dubbo.

Ray was flattered to be asked and seemed humbled by the gesture.

Meanwhile Margaret Blake of Lima Vic. has taken over as the Treasurer of the club. She comes with the experience of being the National Treasurer of the Plymouth Rock Club of Australia Inc.

Peter and Margaret have succeeded, Kevin Collins and Darren Macfarlane, respectively, who gave the club the past three years of service. 

Mick Brown is now our new Secretary and is a great edition to the team. He succeeds Pamela Ferris who did a great job. Mick's a real character and in the Officer-in-charge of a south western NSW police station. He breeds Standard Black & Blue Australorps. 








Just who does own that magnificent cockerel?

   Ever wondered who owns that stunning Large Australorp Cockerel that adorns the cover of the new Standards book?
   At first we thought it may have been one of our Australian Australorp Champions from the past or one of the Poultry Canberra winners.
   But, NO, we were all wrong. This sensational picture was snapped at the Bendigo (Vic) Championship in 2005 by Andy Vardy of Backyard Poultry fame. www.backyardpoultry.com
   The fowl belongs to popular Australorp club member, Brian Newell and Andy reckons it was one of the best Australorps that he has ever seen. The bird was placed Reserve Large Soft Feather at that show. After seeing this incredible specimen, one wonders how good the Bird of Show must have been. 
   Congratulations to both Andy and Brian - you have both gone down in history! 

  Peter D'Arcy talks the Talk
   2011 Australian Champion Australorp Titles holder, Peter D'Arcy of Carwoola via Canberra ACT recently did a guest spot as a speaker at his local Poultry Club.
   The Club recorded the event and Peter's great effort is now plastered all over You Tube.

Peter is currently the President of our club, taking office in June 2013. 

  Click right HERE to see Peter chatting about his wonderful knowledge on Australorps.

Life Membership

Steve Higgins - Woodhill Qld

Popular Club Member, 
Steve Higgins, was awarded 
Life Membership of the Australorp Club of Australia 
at Canberra in 2012.

Steve was a past President of the club for over 7 years and is currently the Vice-President.
Over the years his dedication to the breed has been priceless. 

Steve has shown Australorps for many long years and he would list his pinnacle at winning Champion Australorp at Sydney Royal in 2002 and the 2010 Australian Australorp Titles. 

He joins husband and wife team, Wendy & Ross Summerell, as the 3rd Life Member honoured by our club.  


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